Brand new: Basil Kirchin inspired mix from Revenu

Basil Kirchin’s genius went unrecognised in his lifetime. Apart from a handful of film scores and library music tracks, much of what he created here in Hull has gone under the radar for decades.

But a quick look through the line-up for our Kirchin festival, Mind on the Run (17-19 Feb), shows just how far-reaching his influence has been. The Special’s Jerry Dammers, Hidden Orchestra, Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory and the BBC Concert Orchestra will all join us in Hull City Hall to celebrate Kirchin’s sonic legacy, alongside Beverley’s own Revenu.

Revenu (aka Liam van Rijn) takes inspiration from Kirchin and runs with it, creating experimental electronic music that has earned him a spot as one of Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers.

Never one to keep his inspiration to himself, Liam has put together this Kirchin-esque mixtape that gets to the heart of what Basil Kirchin means to him. Mica Levi, Jaco Pastorius, Radiohead and Brian Eno all feature in this mix – a mildly unsettling chillout trip, taking us deep into the unknown.

As Liam puts it: ‘It’s the ‘sound within the sound’ that Basil aimed for that really excites me, it makes his music so expressive and colourful. I really respect the way he would move between genres yet remain ‘Basil’. The way he injected humour and darkness into the same album is genius to me, the man had no musical inhibitions. Since we’ve been interpreting his work, this is a mentality we’re trying to adopt through the use of samplers and playing instruments in unconventional ways.’

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Psssst. Check out Liam’s latest release with Palo Alto, Songs for the Numb Mob. Download it, or get a limited edition cassette tape. Because cassettes are well and truly back.