Call-out: The Performance Bar is coming to Hull

This June, the wunderful world of WORM will take over Humber Street Gallery. Dutch avant-gardist innovators from WORM (Rotterdam) will take up residence on Humber Street from 23–26 June, for a riotous festival of punk, DADA and Fluxus. Their residency will include events, workshops and performances – and that’s where you can get involved.

WORM’s remarkable performance stage, The Performance Bar, will take pride of place in Humber Street Gallery during the festival. This transformable stage blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience, and WORM are looking for local artists to perform on it.

As WORM put it, “A seemingly normal evening out suddenly becomes an adventure when performers jump on the bar and present everything from the low-brow to the profound. Find yourself amongst poets, dancers, provocateurs, actors, outcasts, singers, performers, DJs and all kind of other artistic creatures.”

WORM are looking to collaborate with Hull’s art scene, and want local performers or visual artists with something to share to get in touch. Interested? Send WORM an email to tell them a bit about your work on and they’ll get back in touch.

We hope to create some amazing nights together with you. Blend in with our Avantgardistic State and meet great people from Rotterdam.
WORM Festival

 Photo credit: Imke Zeinstra, © Iris Bergman