Caught On Camera

Throughout 2017 there have been some amazing opportunities for photographers in Hull. From the photoshopped-looking Blade through to the rigid geometry of A Hall for Hull, there’s been plenty to challenge and inspire photographers across the city.

But you don’t have to look far to see incredible photo opportunities in Hull – a city which (and we’re a little bit biased here) is one of the most photogenic around.

Our Marketing Assistant (and keen amateur photographer) Matt has pulled together his top 5 places to get amazing photos in Hull. So whether you’re an avid photographer with all the gear or you just love to grab a quick snap for your Insta, this list will highlight the must visit places to capture the City of Culture on camera.

And if you’re looking for a little bit more inspiration, check out Portrait of a City at Humber Street Gallery until 31 December, or look out for the winners of the Hull Beermat Photography Festival in a pub near you.


The Deep. Photo © Tom Arran.

The Deep

One of the most photographed landmarks in the city, The Deep’s peculiar architecture makes for an amazing picture. Whether you capture it from the opposite side of the mouth of the River Hull, near Stage@theDock, or you get a bit more up-close and personal, the interesting angles and reflective blue exterior offer each photographer a unique image.


Hull Marina. Photo © Neil Holmes Photography.

The Marina

Hull’s Marina is home to boats, yachts and the Spurn Lightship. Add to this the almost still water, whether it’s sunrise, sunset or middle of the day, you can capture some striking reflections. With access around the full perimeter of the marina, there are some cool snaps to be had.


Queen Victoria Square fountains. Photo © Neil Nicklin.

Queen Victoria Square

Flanked by amazing architecture, Queen Victoria Square has some fantastic vantage points for photography. Alongside some of the city’s most striking architecture, the new fountains are a big draw, and for good reason. The dancing fountains light up on a night making for a fun, playful image.


Humber Bridge. Photo © Christopher Pepper.

Humber Bridge

OK – so we’ve all taken or seen a photo of the Humber Bridge, but you have to admit it’s an almighty structure! If you don’t want a run of the mill landscape shot from down on the foreshore, why not get right underneath the bridge and gaze up at its vastness or make your way up onto the bridge footpath.


East Park. Photo © Thomas Arran.

East Park

Hull’s largest park is a beautiful open space for photography. From peacocks and alpacas to the boating lake you can grab a truly unique picture on a visit here. Explore the park, finding new spots and shooting away to your heart’s content. This location is one you can whizz through before you head into town, or you can spend the whole day here trying to get that perfect shot.