Challenge Hull Week #1 – ‘A Picture of You’

Monday 2 January 2017

It’s week #1 of Challenge Hull. Community groups and organisations from across the city have teamed up with Hull 2017 and 64 Million Artists to set a weekly creative challenge that everyone in Hull can participate in.

This is an opportunity to showcase the creativity bubbling beneath the surface of our fantastic city. To kick us off, the first challenge has been set by 64 Million Artists, so here goes…

‘A Picture of You’


Make a self-portrait. You can use anything, drawing, collage or photography – feel free to edit away. This year all eyes will be on Hull, and 64 Million Artists want you to show the amazing different and diverse people that live in this city. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just capture you. Go for abstract, realistic and detailed, full body or just the head, sequins, material and felt pens, or pen and paper – whatever you want. Don’t spend longer than 10-15 minutes.

If you have a little more time:

You can try many different approaches to this. Maybe draw a friend instead of yourself, and get them to draw you? Or try drawing your whole family, class or work team? For a fun game why not try looking into someone’s eyes and then draw them without looking away?


What was it like to draw yourself? Did you feel self-conscious? What did you want to share about yourself? Have a think about how it made you feel and include this when you share.


Share your self-portrait over the next 7 days and tell us what it was like doing it. Use #ChallengeHull and share your challenge on Facebook and Twitter. You can then tag Hull 2017 (Facebook and Twitter) and 64 Million Artists (Facebook and Twitter) as we’d love to see the results.


Check our social media channels or our website here next Monday for your next challenge. And don’t forget to share all the challenges (including your own) with others to encourage them to get stuck in too!

Good luck!