Challenge Hull Week #2 – ‘The Hull Hoedown’

Monday 9 January 2017

It’s week #2 of ChallengeHull. The first challenge went down a storm! This week it’s over to Collingwood Primary School

‘The Hull Hoedown’


Dancing is good for the soul, and your body too. This week’s challenge embraces the feel good factor of dancing, encouraging you to get up, out, and shake it all about. Collingwood Primary School are asking you to grab some friends and get them to dance with you.

If you have a little more time:

Perhaps you could teach one another your favourite dance moves, or organise an epic dance off. Turn the music up and grab your dancing shoes – Hull won’t know what’s hit it!


How did you feel dancing? What was your favourite dance move? Did you notice anything in the way you moved?


Share a video of you dancing, or a photo of you in your favourite dance pose within the next 7 days.

Use #ChallengeHull and share your challenge on Facebook and Twitter. You can then tag Hull 2017 (Facebook and Twitter) and Collingwood Primary School (on Twitter) as we’d love to see the results.


Check our social media channels or our website here next Monday for your next challenge. And don’t forget to share all the challenges (including your own) with others to encourage them to get stuck in too!

Good luck!