Challenge Hull Week #3 – ‘Create an Inspiring Message’

Monday 16 January 2017

Welcome to week #3 of Challenge Hull. If you’ve got a case of the January blues due to the grey and miserable weather, why not take the time out to inspire somebody to do something? A kind thought can go a long way and the lovely ladies at Hull WI – Apple Crumble and Stitch have thought up a challenge to show exactly that.

‘Create an Inspiring Message’


Create an inspirational message and post it somewhere – this could be in a public place (no littering or graffiti!), or online on your social media or blog, wherever you wish to spread your kindness, you decide.

If you have a little more time:

Can you alternate where these messages are posted? If you’ve posted them online, perhaps try leaving them in a public space such as your local library or coffee shop. See how many you can share in one day.


How did you feel writing these motivational messages? What made you decide where to post them? Did you receive any feedback on your kindness?


Send us photos or clips of your messages within the next 7 days.

Use #ChallengeHull and share your challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can then tag Hull 2017 (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and Hull WI – Apple Crumble and Stitch (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as we’d love to see the results.


Check our social media channels or our website here next Monday for your next challenge. And don’t forget to share all the challenges (including your own) with others to encourage them to get stuck in too!

Good luck!