Challenge Hull Week #5 – ‘Paper Dreams’

Monday 30 January 2017

Week #5 of Challenge Hull comes to you from our very own Learning and Participation Team:

Paper pops up in our lives a lot. It is the material on which we set to-do lists, make our notes, receive junk mail or wrap up presents. This is great but the team think it’s time we breathed new life into it so they challenge you to…

‘Paper Dreams’


Take a piece of paper and see what you can turn it into. Fold it, tear it, cut it (but watch your fingers!) What can you create? Perhaps you could make your own piece of art, desk decoration or mini sculpture – or maybe something entirely different from your own imagination.

If you have a little more time:

Change the size of the paper that you used – tear it in half, or use a smaller/larger piece and see what you can make. Does the size change its creative potential? Try writing or drawing a ‘how to’ guide so that a friend can replicate the decoration or sculpture that you have made.


What was it like to create something out of paper? Have you used paper before to make something? If so, what was it? How was it different to today’s creation?


Share a photograph or drawing of your ‘paper dream’ within the next seven days.

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Good luck!