Cheers to culture!

East Yorkshire based, independent, family-owned and family-run, House of Townend is the leading wine merchant in the North of England and we couldn’t be prouder of the city where our story began.

Established in 1906, House of Townend has remained in the ownership of our family for over 110 years. Developing and growing for generations our team is now over 75 strong with many long-serving core staff, some of whom have been with us for over 25 years.

House Of Townend

It was important to us that we should contribute to the Hull 2017 story in the best way we know: by hand selecting a range of four delicious wines for everyone to enjoy throughout Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture. Sold under the label “Viticulture”, these wines embraced Hull 2017’s first season’s theme ‘Made in Hull’, reflecting the great spirit of the city.

We have been delighted by how quickly and readily the people of Hull embraced everything ‘Hull’ during 2017 and how proud they became of their city during its incredible year.

In the past many of us have been guilty of forgetting what a great city we live in; but today, we have all been reminded that Hull has a lot more to offer and is somewhere to be proud of.

The wines have been sold in 34 restaurants and bars throughout Hull and surrounding towns and villages, as well as in our Cellar Door, website and local Sewell on the go and Tesco stores. And it’s not only people living in Hull who have wanted to buy them, but also those whose roots are in the city.

House Of Townend

We have been very excited to see a tremendous expansion in the restaurant and bar sector of the city which, along with all the incredible arts and culture taking place in Hull, has helped regenerate city living.

We wanted to do something more to help, so we decided to donate £1 from the sale of each bottle of Viticulture to the legacy of Hull 2017, supporting local arts and cultural projects. We are delighted to have been able to make a charitable donation of over £10,000 to the new culture company.

Hull is now a place people want to go to. This has had a domino effect, with more and more businesses stepping away from Leeds and York and expanding into Hull, seeing it as a great new market. This regeneration is something that we all want to continue.

This is just the start of a new era for Hull; a great, revitalised city offering hope and excitement for the future.

Cheers to culture. Let’s continue to raise our glass to Hull!

House of Townend is a Hull 2017 Supplier.