Sensory culture boxes for Hull’s special schools

As festivals pop up in every corner of the city, we’re making sure that everyone can experience the fun and festivity of the summer festival season.

For each of our seasons, our No Limits learning programme has produced a set of creative learning resources for primary school children. Ensuring that children from Hull’s primary-age special schools can engage with what’s going on, our sensory boxes give students the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and smells of each Hull 2017 season in a fun and accessible way.

During our Freedom season Northcott Special SchoolGanton School, Tweendykes School and Frederick Holmes School all received a festival-themed guitar case packed full of props to engage the senses, unleashing colour, music and feathers to turn classrooms into a carnival parade.

The young people’s sensory journey through our seasons began in January with Made In Hull as students discovered what makes Hull special, from caravans and windmills, to the taste of Hull Fair. During our Roots And Routes season, a suitcase filled with real-life travel-themed items, from steering wheels and windscreen wipers to train tickets and travel brochures gave students the opportunity to explore and discover roots into and out of the city.

This season’s Freedom guitar case is brimming with music- and festival-themed memorabilia aimed to give a sensory flavour of what’s happening in the city this summer, from puppet shows and masquerade masks, to splashing about trying to hook a duck.