Everyone back to ours for a Block Party!

One of this year’s Creative Communities Programme (CCP) projects will see young people from five communities along the M62 corridor (Birkenhead, North Liverpool, Salford, Bradford and Hull) have the opportunity to explore their creative roots and identities, through fashion, food, digital production, music, visual art, poetry, dance and performance.

Showcased in five Block Party! events, the performances will explore the lives, challenges and future aspirations of young people living in one of those cities. Each group will travel along the route of the M62, culminating in the biggest event which will be held in Hull in July 2017.

This exciting project is being led by All Star Entertainment, Youth Music – the country’s leading young people’s music charity, and supported by artists, who are inviting young people aged 13-25 along the M62 corridor “back to ours” for our year as UK City of Culture 2017.

All Star Project Manager Christine Spriggs said: “There’ll be workshops, activities and events taking place in towns and cities right along the M62 on an exciting creative project that will offer young people opportunities to work with professional artists from those maybe taking their first plunge into rapping, producing, designing etc to those who want to showcase their own skills and talent. To top it all, they get to travel to Hull to be part of this amazing year as well. We can’t wait.”

Martin Green, CEO and Director of Hull 2017, added: “Block Party! Is a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet like-minded individuals, work alongside entertainment industry professionals to learn new skills and showcase their talents.

This is just one of many events throughout the year which sees Hull linking up with other great cities across the North.

Martin Green

If you are aged between 13 and 25 and want to find out how to take part in one of the Block Party! events and win the chance to perform at the finale, contact Christine at