Feminist? Guilty As Charged

A joyful celebration of sisterhood will take place at Hull City Hall when the podcast phenomenon The Guilty Feminist sets up for a unique live performance next year.

The show on May 6, 2020, sees comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests explore the noble goals of 21st century feminists whilst confessing the insecurities, hypocrisies and paradoxes, which undermine those goals.

Along with some of the podcasts’ favourite comedians, guests and musicians, Deborah will host this joyful celebration of how far womanhood has come, and continue the conversation about what remains to be done.

The Guilty Feminist podcast has become a comedy phenomenon with over 70 million downloads since it launched in late 2015. For this special touring version of the show, will be exploding beyond the confines of a podcast, with stand-up comedy, music, local guests and a few special surprises.

The show will not be released as a podcast, so the only way to see and hear everything that’s planned – and some things nobody can predict – is to turn up and see the show live.

Expect laughs, excitement, tears and spectacle as only The Guilty Feminist can provide.

Find out more about the Guilty Feminist – Live here