Gallery: LGBT 50

We’ve just about recovered from LGBT 50, our week-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of sexual freedom in the UK.

Many of you joined us as we paraded our 50 Queers for 50 Years icons, partied in technicolor at Pride in Hull, danced and devoured tea and cake at our Duckie Summer Tea Party and were showered in beautiful music and confetti at BBC Radio 2’s I Feel Love. Bringing people from all sections of our community together, LGBT 50 gave us the opportunity to recognise just how far we have come in the fight for LGBT+ equality.

But away from the fun and frolicking, there was plenty of time to acknowledge that the fight is not over for many people. There are still many countries in which homosexuality is illegal, and Lee Price’s powerful photography exhibition The House of Kings and Queens gave us a glimpse into life as a resident of one of those countries — Sierra Leone.

Closer to home, we launched our brand new zine Lost Propertywhich tells the stories of Hull’s diverse LGBT+ community. Featuring the highs and the lows and everything in between, you’ll be hard-pressed not to be moved by the personal accounts. Pick up a copy from Thieving Harry’s, Humber Street Gallery and Kardomah 94 whilst stocks last.

Fancy reliving your favourite moments? We’ve rounded up some of our highlights from the week in this LGBT 50 gallery.