Gallery: The Longhill Burn

A beautiful bonfire, a burning crate of hopes and a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the sky above Eastmount Recreation Centre. What was this strange happening?

On 15 July the Longhill community gathered together for Act III: The Longhill Burn, created by outdoor arts company, And Now:.

Throughout the week, a giant and beautiful bonfire was built and hopes from the community were collected in a crate. Audiences gathered at Eastmount Playing Field to see the crate carried to the bonfire, with music and performance before it was burnt on the bonfire sending hopes out into the world, followed by a spectacular firework display that lit up the sky above Longhill.

The Longhill Burn

The latest in a series of acts of wanton wonder cropping up across Hull this year, these events are being investigated by a team of local investigators, The Green Ginger Fellowship. Find out more about the Fellowship at, and on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Land of Green Ginger is a citywide project from Hull 2017 – acts of wanton wonder happening across the city, in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.