Relive the aerial spectacular Epicycle

The ‘cyclonauts’, inhabitants of a staggering 13.5 metre diameter metal circle that appeared in West Park last week, wowed audiences on 13 August. Epicycle saw the acrobats working the wheel, pulling its leavers and pulleys, and travelling in, on and around the circle in dramatic style.

The impressive display of aerial feats saw the acrobats defy gravity, and embrace free fall. All of this took place under the watchful eye of one musician who expertly crafted the music, mirroring and complimenting the performance.

The show draws inspiration from European comics and was both beautiful, funny and breath-taking. Graceful trapeze stunts and daring acts on the ropes left audience members in suspense, heart-in-mouth as the performers flew through the air and revealed their powerful physicality with style and agility.

Get a feel for the night here…