Your guide to Hull Fair 2018

Whether you’re a seasoned fairgoer or will be visiting for the first time, we’ve put together this handy guide to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun of Hull Fair.

Hull Fair. Photo: © Josh Moore


Beautifully painted classic fairground attractions sit alongside thrilling white-knuckle rides in a wonderful clash of old and new.

Thrill-seekers will want to try the star riders, a high tower that sees passengers ascend above the lights of the fair.

Some other favourites include: the Reverse Bungee, where riders are catapulted skyward with only a couple of ropes and a small cage for protection; Tagada, which invites you to cling on to your seat for dear life as you are violently spun and shaken; the giggle-inducing bounce-fest that is Crazy Frog and the Bomber, which sees riders dangling precariously on the end of a rotating arm as it soars through the air.

Classic thrills come in the form of a lavish carousel, spooky ghost trains, fun houses, dodgems and a helter skelter, while a trip on the towering Big Wheel will provide stunning views across the city.

And who could forget the waltzers? Cram a couple of your pals into a car and scream if you want to go faster!

TIP: Plenty of the rides operate ‘happy hours’ throughout the evening, so keep your eyes peeled for reduced ticket prices.


Hull Fair. Photo: © Josh Moore


For those of us who can’t face being hurled through the air at breathtaking speeds, Walton Street is where Hull Fair really comes alive. Lined with every food stall imaginable, set aside a good hour to make your way through the deliciously tempting aromas of Bob Carver’s patty and chips, steaming hot burgers with fried onions, bratwurst sausages, gravy-soaked Hull Pies and chips doused in chip spice.

Those with a sweet tooth will be in their element, with stall after stall serving up fresh sugar doughnuts, hot chocolate, sticky toffee apples, bags of candyfloss and cinder toffee, not forgetting the famous Wright’s Brandy Snap (you can get it all year round, but it’s never quite the same).

And remember to grab a paper bag from the cart filled with roasted chestnuts if you’re heading out via Spring Bank West – you won’t regret it!

TIP: Don’t settle for the first stall you see – there is a huge variety along the entire street.


Hull Fair. Photo: © Josh Moore


If you like a challenge, then you’ll love the selection of fairground games on offer, from hook-a-duck to darts, penalty shoot outs, bingo, shooting ranges, strength testers and coconut shies. And there are prizes to be won if you’re lucky, from children’s toys to novelty cushions and stuffed toy animals.

A trip to Hull Fair wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the famous Rosa Lee in her mysterious caravan to have your palms read and discover what your future holds.

TIP: Leave the fairground games until last – nobody wants to be that person sharing a waltzer car with a 4ft stuffed toy animal!

Hull Fair takes place at Walton Street car park from Fri 5 to Sat 13 Oct and is open every day until 11pm, except for Sun 7 Oct, when the fair will be closed. Entry to the fair is free, with fairground rides and stalls priced individually. For bus travel information about getting to Hull Fair, visit