Hear In Hull exhibition promotes stammering awareness

Hear In Hull, an arts project organised by the Humber NHS Foundation and Artlink has launched this week with an exhibition as part of the Hull 2017 Creative Communities Programme.

Informed by conversations with people who stammer, their families, therapists and members of the public, the project hopes to educate people about stammering, which can involve speaking with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat or prolong sounds.

An exhibition of portraits by Hull College art students is now on show at Artlink until 27 Oct, depicting famous people who have a stammer.

Joining the portraits from 20 Oct is a new animation work by Fuzzfeed’s Peter Snelling, based on conversations with people who stammer. The animation will also be shown at Hull Independent Cinema’s short film festival.

Martin Green, director of Hull 2017, said: “This project shows that stammering shouldn’t limit you, and a huge part of Hull 2017 has been about showing that there shouldn’t be any barriers when it comes to creativity.”

Teresa Cope, operating officer of the Humber NHS Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to be involved in this project, which aims to raise awareness, change perceptions and build confidence. Hear In Hull explores how listeners feel about hearing stammering voices and how people who stammer feel about stammering. It’s time to hear their voices and show that Hull is ready to listen.”

Hear In Hull is exhibited at Artlink until 27 Oct.