Help tell the legendary Spider from Hull’s story

Hull has always been home to rule breakers, game changers and history makers, with rock legend Mick Ronson amongst the most famous of the lot.

And now, the writer behind Hull UK City of Culture 2017’s spectacular opening event Made in Hull is inviting you to be part of his next project, celebrating the Spider from Hull.

‘Turn and Face the Strange’ is the story of Mick Ronson and the Spiders from Mars. Written & produced by Garry Burnett and Made in Hull writer Rupert Creed, the show is part of Hull 2017’s Creative Communities Programme, delivered in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund.

Over the next few months the project team is looking for people to share their stories, memories, photographs and memorabilia of Mick to help tell the story of how a local lad brought up on Hull’s Greatfield Estate came to be a rock superstar and championed a whole world of new music and social culture.

The result will be a multi-media show, featuring a live band, audio stories, photographs and archive film, which will premiere in August at the Freedom Centre.

This is a great opportunity for friends, fans and fellow-musicians to help us tell the real story of his Hull roots.

Rupert Creed, co-writer of ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ said, “Mick Ronson was a ground-breaking guitarist, composer and album producer who shot to stardom in the 1970s with David Bowie’s band ‘The Spiders from Mars’ alongside Hull-based musicians Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey. But the story of his upbringing on Greatfield Estate and his early career in Hull bands such as ‘The Rats’ is less well known.

“This is a great opportunity for friends, fans and fellow-musicians to help us tell the real story of his Hull roots, how he came to play a pivotal role in the rise of Glam-Rock, and how his skill as musician took him to international rock-star status.”

Martin Green, CEO and Director Hull 2017, added: “Turn and Face the Strange is an exciting opportunity to get involved in Hull 2017 and help tell the story of one of the city’s most famous sons. As Mick Ronson’s legendary status continues to grow we can’t wait to see what tales, pictures and memorabilia people of the city come forward with.”

‘Turn and Face the Strange’ is a chance to share your memories of Mick Ronson and the role he played in your life. Whether your connection is the music, 70s fashion and social culture, or an interest in Hull’s own history, there’s a story you can tell.

Do you have a story to tell, or photograph to share of Mick Ronson? Were you a friend, a fan or a fellow musician? Were you at a gig he played at? Do you have any memorabilia you’d be willing to share? If so, contact the team at or on this Facebook group.

Join the team for the first story recording session at Greatfield’s St Hilda’s Church on Saturday February 10 between 1.30-3.30pm

You can also find out more at the project launch at the Freedom Centre on Friday February 17 between 6.30-8.30pm.

If you have something to share but can’t attend either of these events, the team can arrange a time and place that’s convenient for you to record your memories.

You can find out more about the project here.