High profile opportunity for Hull, Yorkshire and Humber producers and suppliers

Next year will be one of the most important in Hull’s history, with a high profile and hugely varied programme of world-class cultural events that will attract attention and visitors from up and down the UK and across the globe.

It represents a unique opportunity to promote and sell goods and products that are made in Hull, Yorkshire and Humber to customers both locally and further afield. Businesses and suppliers are being invited to take advantage of this unprecedented year for the region, by creating Hull 2017 branded souvenirs, mementoes and other merchandise to be promoted as part of this year-long international showcase.

Ranging from artisan and craft goods, jewellery and souvenirs to speciality food and drink, officially licensed products will be able to carry the distinctive Hull 2017 brand. Not only will they be able to sell their Hull 2017 branded goods through their usual channels, they will be carried in the official Hull 2017 outlet and by pop up stalls at key events across the city, as well as being promoted more widely as part of the UK City of Culture experience, in the region and nationally.

Martin Green, CEO and Director of Hull 2017, said: “2017 is going to be an extraordinary year that will put Hull, Yorkshire and Humber on the map, for local people and visitors to the region. We have brilliant and talented producers working in a wide range of fields and there has never been a better time to think about how you can promote their goods and services more widely and attract new customers. In producing officially licensed goods, you will have a key role to play in the Hull 2017 UK City of Culture story, whilst offering significant brand exposure and benefiting your bottom line.”

Oresome Gallery, a specialist jewellery design business based in Fruit Market, is one of the first companies confirmed to produce officially licensed merchandise for Hull 2017. Set up and run by Nicola Fidell Chapman and Victoria Prince, Oresome will create a unique jewellery design that will be a long lasting memento following Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.

Victoria Prince from Oresome Gallery said: “Hull 2017 will be an exciting year for our city and is an opportunity to showcase the creativity and talent working here and across the region. We are delighted to be a part of the UK City of Culture and having the opportunity to promote our jewellery business more widely.”

Only officially licensed merchandise will be permitted to use the Hull 2017 logo, which is protected under copyright laws. As part of the licensing scheme Hull 2017, which is a registered charity, will receive a small percentage of the wholesale price as commission for the right to use the Hull 2017 brand.

Revenue that Hull 2017 receives from these and other commercial activities, including ticket sales, will be reinvested in the wider cultural programme for the year, or to support cultural provision to help create a legacy in 2018 and the longer term.

Hull 2017 is also looking for a retail delivery partner to manage retail operations for the company and to design and source specific mass market products, such as T-shirts, caps and other clothing, keyrings, pens and other items for sale. Businesses within the region and beyond will be able to tender for the contract to become the official retail partner from June.

Businesses can find out more about how they can get their products and goods branded under the Hull 2017 UK City of Culture merchandising programme and the tendering process to become the official retail partner by emailing