Hull 2017 Business Club launched by Lord Mandelson

Approximately 100 Hull and East Yorkshire business leaders attended the event in the inspirational setting of the University of Hull’s newly redeveloped Brynmor Jones Library.

The Rt Hon the Lord Mandelson, who has held the 10-year position of High Steward of Hull since 2013 and also launched Hull’s ambitious City Plan at the University of Hull in the same year. He said: “It is a pleasure to be back in Hull to launch the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Business Club. This is an opportunity for businesses to publicly show their support for Hull 2017 and to become part of a forward-thinking collective that will make a direct impact on the success and the legacy of City of Culture.

“You don’t have to look far to see the progress that is being made towards the transformation of this city. With less than one year to go until Hull becomes UK City of Culture 2017, the impact of the title and its associated economic benefits are plain to see. Hull is undergoing a period of rediscovery that is bringing jobs and investment to the region. It is now up to all sectors to continue working together to make the most of every opportunity that Hull 2017 brings.”

Building on the phenomenal success of the Hull UK City of Culture Bid Angels, which saw 22 of the region’s businesses each pledge £17,000 to support Hull’s bid for City of Culture status, Business Club is a new opportunity for companies to show their support for Hull 2017 – the UK’s next major cultural festival.

Martin Green, CEO and Director of Hull 2017, said: “We’re launching Business Club in response to demand from the local business community. Our business people have long been telling us they want more ways to become more involved with City of Culture. Business Club is a partnership package with mutual benefits at a time when the eyes of the world will be on Hull.

“Of course, we will never forget the role our original Hull Bid Angels played during the bid for City of Culture status. The scale of support from local businesses and the wider community played a significant role in the judge’s decision to award Hull the title and our Angels have seen increased media interest, opportunities to network and to grow their business as a direct result of this. “Business Club expands on the amazing success of our Angels. It allows a wider network of aspirational business partners to come on board, to capitalise on the opportunities that a city of culture brings with it, and to become a vital part of the 2017 story.”

Fran Hegyi, Executive Director / Director of Partnerships and Development at Hull 2017, said: “The Hull 2017 Business Club is a unique opportunity for companies that are either rooted in Hull, or who want to grow their profile in Hull, to become real city champions.

Collectively, the Business Club will make a significant contribution to the success of Hull 2017. The Club will also have the opportunity to connect with our larger partners through networking events. But, most importantly, it is a way that businesses can publicly celebrate and show support for 365 days of world-class arts and culture.”

Lord Mandelson is the current High Steward of Hull, a 10-year ceremonial post that was also held by his grandfather, Labour foreign and home secretary Herbert Morrison (High Steward of Hull, 1956-1965). On accepting the post in 2013, Lord Mandelson pledged to serve the city of Hull and launched the 10-year City Plan.

Core aims of the City Plan include:

  • to create 7,500 jobs for local jobseekers;
  • to establish the city as a world-class visitor destination; to attract inward investment;
  • reinforce Hull’s position as the country’s leading Energy City and,
  • to improve quality of life for all residents, particularly the vulnerable.

At the time of its announcement, a key ambition of Hull’s City Plan was to win the title of UK City of Culture 2017. The title was awarded to Hull in November 2013.


What is the Hull 2017 Business Club?

The Hull 2017 Business Club is a new partnership initiative for local businesses.

Building on the phenomenal success of the Hull UK City of Culture Bid Angels, which saw 22 of the region’s businesses each pledge £17,000 to support Hull’s bid for City of Culture status, Business Club is a new platform for companies to show their support for Hull 2017 – the UK’s next major cultural festival.

What are the benefits?

Becoming part of the Hull 2017 Business Club is an opportunity to position your business as helping to deliver Hull 2017 and its legacy. As well as associating your brand with an incredible year of cultural activity, businesses will gain access to a suite of rights and benefits including hospitality, tickets, marketing and staff engagement.

What are the other levels of partnership?                      

Hull 2017 has three other tiers of partnership which reflect the level of support businesses are providing to Hull 2017, with each tier receiving different rights and benefits aligned to their partnership level. You can find out more about our partnership programme.

My business is not based in Hull or the East Riding. Can I join the Business Club?

UK City of Culture is being hosted in Hull in 2017 but is an event of national significance. Over 365 days we will celebrate the culture of the UK here in Hull, providing national and international exposure for businesses who decide to become a partner to the project.

You may also be planning to grow your footprint in the area, relocate your business to the region or your employees live in Hull.

When will announce the events happening in 2017?

Hull 2017 is currently developing the artistic programme for 2017 and we will be announcing the first season of the year (Made in Hull) in September 2016.

In April this year we will also be undertaking a series of roadshow events across Hull and the East Riding to highlight opportunities for people to get more involved in the project. This will include initiatives such as volunteering and the Hull 2017 Programme Fund.

How will I know my support has made a difference to the city?

Hull 2017 is working with University of Hull as our academic research partner and is developing our framework to measure the impact of the year. This will include measuring the change in perception of the city, the economic impact of events and how the year has improve the lives of local people and communities.

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