Hull 2017 highlights, 13–20 Jan

We’ve compiled a little guide to some of the highlights happening over this weekend and the next week. If you haven’t planned a visit, or already seen any of the superb events, exhibitions and installations below (where have you been this year so far?!) here’s your chance to find out more …


Ferens Art Gallery reopens

Free. Open daily, from 10am5pm. Queen Victoria Square, Hull city centre.

After undergoing a 16-month, £5.1million refurbishment, Ferens Art Gallery reopens to the public again this weekend (from noon on Friday 13 January). A fundamental change in the makeover is the environmental control allowing control over temperature and humidity, meaning that the gallery can house much higher-value paintings because they will be so much better preserved. This includes the much-anticipated rare Pietro Lorenzetti masterpiece, Christ Between Saints Paul And Peter and the Turner Prize.

Hullywood Icons

Free. Saturday 14 Jan, 6pm-8pm. Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church, Beverley. 

If you missed Quentin Budworth’s popular installation Hullywood Icons during Made in Hull, no fear, you have another chance! Projected inside Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church in Beverley, see recreations of iconic moments from Hollywood films starring the people of Hull and the East Riding. From Brief Encounter to Castaway, these still photographs capture the spirit of the original films and reveal the character, enthusiasm and passions of those taking part. By using Hull as a movie set, a playground for creative work and as an exhibiting space, Quentin has created a series of images that celebrate the city’s unique character and spirit.

 Hullwood Icons - The Wild Ones © Quentin Budworth


Free. Until 18 March. Queen Victoria Square, Hull city centre. 

On your way to the Ferens Art Gallery, there’s no missing the Blade in Queen Victoria Square. Conceived by artist Nayan Kulkarni, Blade has been created for Look Up, a programme of temporary artworks created for the city’s public spaces and places. It uses one of the first B75 rotor blades made in Hull and changes its status to that of a readymade artwork.  At 75 metres, it is the world’s largest, handmade fibreglass component cast as a single element.

 Blade installation © Thom Arran


Free. Open daily, Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm; Thursday 10am-7.30pm; Sunday, 11am-4.30pm. Hull Maritime Museum, Queen Victoria Square, Hull city centre.

While you’re around Queen Victoria Square make sure you go to Hull Maritime Museum to get up close and personal with a Bowhead – also known as a Greenland Right Whale – in this lifelike audiovisual installation that commemorates the city’s whaling heritage. Bowhead has been created by the University of Hull and Hull School of Art and Design, showcasing the best of the city’s emerging talent in music and games design.

 Bowhead Eye© Hull School of Art and Design

Hull Charters

Free. Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm, first and third Saturdays of the month, 9am-4.30pm. Hull History Centre, Worship Street, Hull city centre.

Hull History Centre is exhibiting Hull Charters as its first major exhibition of 2017. From the first Hull Charter in 1299, to the magnificent charter of Queen Mary, the Charters show how the people of Hull were granted (and sometimes bought their way towards) privileges, rights and responsibilities which are the bedrock of how we live as citizens today.

 Hull Charters

Lines of Thought

Free. Please book your tickets in advance. Open daily, various times. Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull.

Fancy seeing the greatest gathering of artistic talent ever seen in Hull, in one exhibition? From Dürer to Degas, Michelangelo to Matisse, Rembrandt to Riley, Lines of Thought examines the process and practice of drawing, illustrated by a selection of work created over 500 years. It uncovers the genius behind the drawings of some of art’s most prominent masters, giving us fresh insight into the creative impulse of some of the world’s greatest artists.

 Hull Charters Lines of Thought - Rembrandt An Asian elephant © The Trustees of the British Museum