Hull 2017 highlights: 9 – 15 Sept 


Daily until 1 Oct, various times (£10-£18.50)
Secret city-centre location
Age 12+ 

A must-see. One Day, Maybe by dreamthinkspeak is an unsettling, unusual head-frazzle of an immersive theatre experience that promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

On the surface, it’s an interactive walk-through a hi-tech South Korean company, the KASANG Corporation, temporarily based in a Hull city-centre office block. 

Delve deeper, the past, present and future blur, and the slow realisation that One Day, Maybe is inspired by the May 1980 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju, South Korea adds a new level of meaning to the experience.

Allow about two hours. 



11-16 Sept (Free, booking required for carnival)
Various venues 

Mad Pride is all about challenging the norm, solidarity and using art and culture to break down the barriers around mental health. 

The past few months have seen 40 free Mad Pride workshops take place all over Hull. They’ve been building up to this week’s free programme of performance, poetry, foraging, meditation, film screening and a fantastic Mad Pride Carnival. 

Saturday’s celebration carnival starts at 3pm at Stepney Station, Beverley Road, before ending up at Pearson Park, from 4pm to 7pm. 



9 Sept, 10am, (Free)
Albemarle Music Centre 

In the penultimate Albemarle Saturday there are not one, not two, but four – count ‘em! – free music workshops that music lovers of all ages and abilities can take part in. Part of our Creative Communities Programme, these sessions are a great opportunity to try something new. Plus, if you get involved in the What Does Hull Sound Like? workshops, you could also be part of a performance next month. Workshops are as follows: 

Gamelan Workshop, 10am. 

What Does Hull Sound Like? Voice Workshop, 10.30am (with composer Michael Betteridge). 

What Does Hull Sound Like? Instrumental Workshop, 1pm (with composer Michael Betteridge).

Melia Duo – Found Objects Percussion / Composition, free Melia Duo performance, 12.30pm; family friendly workshop, 1.15pm.



9 Sept, 7.30pm (£10)
Kardomah 94
Age 10+ 
Danbor Talka by Les Commandos Percu – photo © Los Commandos Percu

Flashback to the Saturday teatimes of yesteryear with this Edinburgh Fringe hit show. 

At 4pm every Saturday, from 1976 to 1988, tens of millions of Brits, and countless more worldwide, were in the grip of an extraordinary sports phenomenon: watching two fat men (Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks aka Shirley Crabtree and Martin Ruane) pretend to fight each other. 

This is their story. It’s a comedy. Obviously.  



14-15 Sept, 7.30pm (£10)
Londesborough Barracks
Age 12+ 

 “A disturbing, illuminating and necessary glimpse into a world that we mostly prefer to ignore.” – The Guardian 

You know you’re in Hull 2017 when you’re looking forward to a dance performance in the drill hall of Londesborough Barracks, tucked away behind Hull Royal Infirmary. 

But 5 Soldiers is dance of the highest order. This is an award-winning, five-star portrait of Army life, dreamt up by choreographer Rosie Kay who, in 2008, joined the 4th Battalion, The Rifles, to watch and participate in full battle exercises, as well as visiting the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre for our Armed Forces. 

It tells the stories of five men and women on the frontline, questions what we ask of our soldiers and looks at how, even in 2017, the human body is essential to war.