Hull Truck Theatre give 800 local children the Gift of Theatre in 2019

The Give the Gift of Theatre appeal has raised £8,000 following the generous support of donors and corporate partners. This scheme offers them an important opportunity to create lasting memories with classmates, peers and in some cases, family members. Working in partnership with Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University to allocate the tickets, the initiative gives children from disadvantaged communities the chance to enjoy a unique learning experience.

For the first time ever, donations for the appeal were doubled thanks to match-funding made available through Arts Council England’s fundraising and capacity building initiative, Catalyst.

Davide Calogero, Director of Development at Hull Truck Theatre, said:

“The fundraising campaign has been a huge success and exceeded all expectations. We were originally aiming to raise in the region of £3,000 but have gone way above and beyond this figure, giving twice as many children the opportunity to visit the theatre during 2019. With the incentive of doubling donations via the Arts Council it means it’s been a really attractive concept for donors. Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University have been integral in delivering this scheme in previous years and we look forward to working with them again in 2019.”

Natasha Barley, Director of Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University, said:


“The opportunity for children to visit the theatre and see a live show can inspire a love of performance that means they will be more likely to attend the theatre throughout their lives. It may also inspire them to think about careers in this industry. The quality of the productions at Hull Truck are always of a very high standard and the children love the whole experience.”

Schools including Newington Academy benefited from receiving an allocation of Give the Gift of Theatre tickets during 2018. Their classes were able to enjoy a festive production of Oliver Twist.

Jazmin Lambert, 9 from Newington Academy, said:

“I enjoyed the show a lot. Finding out the life of an orphan and how an orphan might have lived and their struggles. It was fun and educational”.

Hull Truck is a Registered Charity (Registered Charity No.269645).