Hull. We Move as One.

If you’re from Hull you’ve heard of Archbishop Sentamu Academy or rather Archies as they’re better known. So you’ll be interested to hear that Archies is also the name of the group who’re going to win this year’s Christmas No.1 (we’ve met them, they’re pretty impressive).

Mrs Carly Ager, Film & Media teacher and friend Chris Cooper, music producer and owners of Nu Skool Records, were approached by Hull’s very own answer to Simon Cowell, Principal Andrew Chubb. Believing in his students and always encouraging them to achieve their wildest dreams, he tasked the two with a challenge… Get a group of students to create and produce a show-stopping, breath-taking, awe-inspiring Christmas No.1 single.

You’ve never seen culture like this before, because it’s never been done. This is how their story started. Their next chapter is up to you…

The students at Archies wanted to maintain their identity, not only representing themselves, their school but also their region. Archies are passionate and proud to be from Hull and want to shout (or rather sing) about it.

Mrs Ager appointed group leader and choreographer, Paige Adamson (16) who went on to recruit Kaci-Leigh Moxon (14), Jade Farnil (15), Libby Hall (16), Alesha Neil (16), Olivia O’Loughline (15), Ellie Ideson (15), Natalie Ciftciogullari (16) and Elliot Jarvis (15), all passionate musicians, vocalists and performers.

Archies was born.

In keeping with the schools ethos, Move As One is a powerful song conveying the message of unison not just locally, or regionally but internationally. Highlighting the issues affecting society today with a strong and clear message we Move As One.

With a talented and passionate group they performed and produced the piece themselves.

Archies visited Abbey Road Studios in London recently to get some feedback on their track from Geoff Pesche who has worked with top musicians such as Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue, and Dizzee Rascal (but we can imagine Archies were much more fun to work with – no divas here!). Sitting in the same seats that Ed Sheeran and his entourage had sat in just days before (so jealous btw!), Geoff was blown away and loved the track self-produced by Archies.

You’ll all remember when astronaut Chris Hadfield infamously tweeted a photo of Hull and the Humber from space (and if you haven’t where’ve you been?). Well he’s given exclusive rights to use his photos in their music video.

So with other big names like Chris Evans and Dermot O’Leary interested in their story we know Archies are going to go far!

Remember, first impressions count for nothing. So spread the word and let’s get Hull in everyone’s home this Christmas, Archies is spreading the Christmas message.

Watch out Christmas No. 1 Hull’s coming for you!