Humber Mouth Literature Festival Programme Reveal – Part 1

The Humber Mouth Literature Festival has always sought to be different, in the way it presents literature and Hull to the world.

On This Day, In This Place: Electric Angel

2-8 Oct 2017, TBC (free, unticketed)

On this day, In This Place seeks to use memories and maps to collate 10 stories from the local community that are rooted in the locale and place them, via temporary artworks, back in the places from where the stories came.

How Was Your Day?

2-8 Oct 2017, Hull Central Library opening times (free, unticketed)
Hull Central Library

Young people in Hull and Sierra Leone have documented their lives by taking a picture and writing a sentence for every 15 minutes of a single day.

Wilde Without The Boy

2 Oct 2017, 7.30pm (tickets £4-£5)
Hull Central Library

Wilde Without the Boy is a dramatisation of “De Profundis”, Oscar Wilde’s searing letter to his lover, written from Reading Gaol.

Monica Ali: Whose Story is This?

3 Oct 2017, 8pm (tickets £5-£7)
Hull Central Library

Who does a story belong to? Should writers be concerned about ‘cultural appropriation’? Should they stick to the old adage, ‘write what you know’? Is authenticity important or irrelevant? Monica Ali delivers a brief talk that explores these issues.

Hull to Iceland and Back: A Voyage in Music, Poetry and Paint

4 Oct 2017, 6pm (free, ticketed)
Hull Central Library

Cliff Forshaw has collaborated with synasthetic composer Deborah Pritchard and trumpeter Simon Desbruslais to celebrate the twin ‘Voyage’ statues created by Icelandic artist Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir.

Melvyn Bragg

4 Oct 2017, 4pm (tickets £8-£10)
Hull Central Library

Melvyn Bragg’s broadcasting career began at the BBC in 1961 and soon afterwards he published his first novel. He has since expanded his range, presenting arts and science programmes and marshalling discussion shows on BBC Radio, and writing non-fiction books, and several award-winning novels.

A Day In The Life Of Ted Lewis

5 & 6 Oct 2017, various times (free, paid for and ticketed events)
Various locations

Four events to celebrate Ted Lewis, Hull and Lincolnshire novelist, graphic artist and jazz musician.

How We Feel Now

5 Oct 2017, 6pm (free, ticketed)
Hull Central Library

An exploration of the state of our times and life in Hull by artists, writers and commentators.

Kathryn Williams and Laura Barnett

5 Oct 2017, 8pm (tickets £4-£5)
Hull Central Library

Acclaimed artists Laura Barnett, and Kathryn Williams on their collaborative project; novel Greatest Hits and album Songs From The Novel Greatest Hits. Greatest Hits tells the story of Cass Williams, a fictional singer who enjoyed huge success from the early 70s, only to retire mysteriously at the height of her fame.

Sara Pascoe

6 Oct 2017, 8pm (tickets £8-£10)
Hull Central Library

Here to talk about her first book Animal.

Leigh Hodgkinson

7 Oct 2017, 10.30am (free, ticketed)
Hull Central Library

Leigh Hodgkinson writes and illustrates books for children. Her books have been translated into oodles of different languages around the world and have even won some awards too.


7 Oct 2017, 12pm (free, ticketed)
Hull Central Library

Once upon a time, a guy decided to become a picture book maker. He tried really hard and even learnt how to do colouring in. And after meeting a whole load of really amazing characters he got to make some books.