Introducing No Limits…

No Limits is the learning programme for Hull UK City of Culture 2017. Building upon Hull’s rich history of innovators, radical thinkers and creators, it uses the power of culture to help generate thinkers and thinking in Hull.

The programme offers a variety of opportunities for everyone to shape, access, engage and participate in 365 days of transformative culture.

Below we’re giving you a small taster of the many projects taking place in schools and beyond as part of No Limits.

In with a Bang

As schools return in the New Year after the most epic firework display Hull has ever seen, behind closed doors in a secondary school classroom in Hull, students will discover the science behind the sparks through a workshop led by the firework company themselves.

Season One: Made in Hull – How can an entire school tell the story of a city?

Inspired by the coming together of art and stories, this school-wide art and animation project will bring together all subjects and classes to create an animated film.

Primary school students will work with filmmakers, actors, historians and animators to research, design, develop and animate a unique film. Schools will mirror an actual production with each class contributing to one aspect of the film, including research and content creation, design, animation, performance, filming and marketing.

Culture in a Box

A surprise like no other will be waiting for our Special Educational Needs Schools in January 2017, as we ensure that every student can experience the UK City of Culture. We’ve worked with Special Educational Needs teachers to create sensory boxes for each season. They will allow students to explore themes, concepts and ideas through their five senses.

What does Made in Hull feel like or smell like to you? Can Roots & Routes be experienced through motion? What does Freedom feel like to touch? And will Tell the World be experienced through sound or sensations? With a box for each season delivered throughout 2017, there’s plenty to look forward to.

 Hessle Road Network © Hull 2017

Architecture Ambassadors

Working with the Royal Institute of British Architects this cross curricular residency will see a Yorkshire architect partner with a Hull school for a term.

Students across all schools will be introduced to architecture through language, design, scale, environment and sounds. Students will explore their local built environment and propose their own designs to improve their school or community. The resulting structure will be one hundred per cent student-led.

Creative Challenge

On Mon 2 Jan 2017, we will set our first weekly creative challenge as we encourage everyday artists to do, think and share. As part of the 64 Million Artist national campaign we are setting a citywide project which will unlock the potential of Hull’s 250,000 residents through creativity. Each week we will set a challenge which anyone, no matter what age, can participate in and share via social media.


Primary and secondary school students will be given the opportunity to explore the history of Hull and find out what it is like to live in one of our twin cities of Freetown, Rotterdam and Reykjavik, through a series of workshops and a school pop up exhibition designed by students.

 Hull Pride © Tom Arran


We have teamed up with Hull Children’s University to provide an online space called Digitull where students can share the work that is taking place in their classroom or school. They can upload pictures of artwork, displays, trips or exhibitions and these will then appear on the Digitull website for the whole city (and world) to see the great work that your pupils are doing.

It’s a great way for us to see what they are all up to. Digitull will go live in 2017, along with the rest of the No Limits learning programme so stay tuned!