Introducing… P&O Ferries’ new and improved Pride of York

P&O Ferries have been sailing from the port of Hull for an incredible 52 years. And when more than 1 million passengers dock there this year from mainland Europe, they’ll likely arrive on the Pride of York. Built in 1987, our beloved ship has seen a lot of history since its maiden voyage 30 years ago, transporting countless passengers across the North Sea and on to Zeebrugge in Belgium.

We’re firm believers that Hull is a springboard both to Europe and to the UK, unlocking countless travel opportunities for those at home and abroad. And as such, you should be able to travel in style as soon as you step on board.

We’ve listened carefully to feedback from our passengers and put in place some dramatic improvements so that the Pride of York can really be something to be proud of. We spent more than 56,000 labour hours on our multi-million pound refurbishment, bringing in plenty of exciting features and sleek new fittings, all to provide a superb level of comfort for those sailing to and from Hull.

From freight drivers needing respite after a day of driving to tourists who want to make the most of their first day, our refurbished cabins provide everyone with a comfortable night’s sleep. And that’s not all – daily chef specials, dedicated Wi-Fi zones and our best-in-class restaurants all ensure that Hull’s status as a gateway to Europe and beyond is firmly sealed for the foreseeable future.

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