Land of Green Ginger: behind the story

Earlier this month, thousands of people were wowed by 7 Alleys.

Created by outdoor performance company Periplum, the event transformed Hull’s East Park in a triumphant fusion of music, fire, live performance and pyrotechnics, bringing an East Hull urban legend to life for the local community.

This spectacular event was clearly connected to the discovery of a cache of packing crates, reported to have been found in an underground vault in Hull City Centre. Bearing the stamp “To Hull from Land of Green Ginger”, these crates have since been examined closely by a team of local experts going by the name The Green Ginger Fellowship who have been sharing their findings online.

We have now stepped forward to confirm that 7 Alleys is, in fact, part of a year-long project called Land of Green Ginger, a flagship project in the City of Culture curated programme.

This ground-breaking community engagement project, funded by Spirit of 2012, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and Arts Council England, invites the residents of Hull to immerse themselves in a magical citywide story, inspired by and celebrating the spirit of Hull.

Taking the form of a series of “Acts of Wanton Wonder”, Land of Green Ginger is being developed and delivered by artists working both individually and in collaboration to transform and animate the everyday places people live. The programme intends to bring new kinds of art and culture into neighbourhoods outside the city centre, infiltrating daily life and providing an escape from the mundane. It is the antidote to boredom, provoking astonishment and wonder and delight.

Hull 2017 Executive Producer Katy Fuller, the creative lead on the project, said:

“Central to developing our programme of world-class arts and culture is a commitment to ensuring that Hull residents, wherever they live in the city, will have an opportunity to experience and participate in this important year.

“7 Alleys is one of many events – or acts of wanton wonder – that are planned throughout the year. They are designed to transform neighbourhoods into places of delight and curiosity, fuelling the imagination and leaving lasting memories.

“We started last year, with a series of pilot projects – including a sound installation which transformed a bus stop on Beverley Road and the tiny people glimpsed around the edges of the Carlton Theatre on Anlaby Road. From these, the artists developed their ambitious projects for 2017.”

While 7 Alleys was promoted mainly to people living around the East Park and Preston Road areas, with some residents receiving invitations hand-delivered by a horse and carriage, we’re encouraging people across the city to follow the wider Green Ginger story.

We want to encourage the public to dive into the Land of Green Ginger narrative by following the Green Ginger Fellowship’s ongoing investigations. This team of local experts, called in after the initial crates discovery continue to uncover hints and clues that suggest where the next act of wanton wonder might take place, and what form it will take.

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