Legendary Pub to reopen

The Polar Bear will now officially re-open, having presented the local Hull council with a unique plan of community ownership – management by the people as a Community Interest Company. The Hull community responded to the threat of The Polar Bear’s closure by raising via the Crowdfunder platform the £15,000 necessary to keep this music venue alive! After the former parent company went into administration on July 17th, threatening the future of The Polar Bear and immediately closing its doors without warning, roughly £15,000 needed raising for the venue’s rescue – to purchase from the administrators the sound system, DJ equipment, furniture, office infrastructure and, of course, the polar bear statue. The passionate team of Hull music enthusiasts have now set up The Polar Bear CIC to run the venue and will be appointing board members shortly. Additionally, local AV companies HPSS (Hugh Jones) and ITSL (Mike Wilkinson) have pledged their support. The Polar Bear CIC have today been given the keys.

 The Polar Bear is still in need of donations, however, no matter how small, to improve the building, make the venue accessible and to make crucial improvements to the Bear Garden to enable pandemic-proof year-round outdoor performances. An additional £37000 needs raising by Christmas to achieve this goal. You can donate at…They also need your help sharing the Crowdfunder campaign across all your personal social media channels. Please like and share, share and like!