Look back on Land of Green Ginger Unleashed

On the evening of Saturday November 11, groundbreaking masters of storytelling and street performance Macnas spread magic and mayhem through Hull’s Old Town with Land of Green Ginger Unleashed, the culmination of the year-long project Land of Green Ginger.

Land of Green Ginger Unleashed. Photo: © Tom Arran

Giants, wolves, shape shifters, stiltwalkers and beasts of all forms stomped and romped through the streets, flanked by stunning pyro effects from the company behind The Longhill Burn, And Now:. Moving from Savile Street to Humber Street, they wowed the tens of thousands of people lining the route with sumptuous costumes, haunting music, breathtaking kinetic sculptures – and more than a few surprises.

Land of Green Ginger Unleashed. Photo: © Tom Arran

Those who have been following the project since April may have spotted elements of all five previous acts woven throughout the parade, including Periplum’s 7 Alleys in East Park, Joshua Sofaer’s The Gold Nose of Green Ginger in Bransholme, And Now:’s The Longhill Burn, Aswarm’s Voice Park in Pickering Park, and Davy and Kristin McGuire’s Micropolis in Springhead Pumping Station, Derringham.

Land of Green Ginger Unleashed. Photo: © Tom Arran

Land of Green Ginger Unleashed marks the closing chapter of Land of Green Ginger – for now, anyway…

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Header photo: © Chris Pepper.