Make It Happen Case Study: Pam Scott

Pam Scott is a sixty-year-old carer who was born and bred in East Hull. You may recognise her as the star of our Take Notice film, exploring the magic of Made in Hull with her husband Keith on a bitterly cold evening back in January. Pam got involved in our Make It Happen project after we offered the couple a tour of Made in Hull and, as a proud Hullensian, she was more than happy to get involved.

From Zsolt Balogh’s masterpiece in Queen Victoria Square to the powerful sounds of Invisible Flock’s installation in Zebedee’s Yard, there wasn’t an inch of the show that the pair didn’t cover, revealing a whole new side to Hull that they had never imagined.

“My tour of Made in Hull was such a privilege because I didn’t realise just how much there was to see. I knew Zebedee’s Yard had been converted into a car park, but as a performance space it is just incredible. I’ve always enjoyed the Old Town but to cross the road and see the transformation of Humber Street was amazing. The new Humber Street Gallery is at the top of my to do list – I really want to see that.”

After experiencing Made in Hull, Pam and her husband were keen to get the rest of their family and friends involved, returning with them on several occasions as acting tour guides.

I told my friends and family all about it and ended up coming back with my daughters and grandchildren to give them their own guided tour. It was a lovely experience for us all to enjoy together and it has prompted us to do more as a family.

“People don’t realise it, but these shows are for everybody and you might just need that little push to get out and see something for the first time. After that you’re off!”

And it’s not just Hull 2017 events that Pam has got stuck into. As the weeks have progressed, Pam has found herself getting out more and more. Pam and her family recently spent a whopping four hours exploring the Maritime Museum, before heading over to the Ferens Art Gallery with her grandchildren to admire the Children’s Gallery and the eclectic collection of artworks.

 Make It Happen. Photo: © Feet First

“We came into town one weekend, which we wouldn’t normally do, and we were amazed. The volunteers were out and about, chatting away to everybody and telling them all about the city. Just being in the city centre is fabulous, especially on a sunny day. It has become a place for everybody to enjoy together and we’re going to make the most of it.”

Having immersed herself in what Hull has to offer, Pam is now keen for other people to get in on the action and has some advice for those who are unsure about getting involved.

“I know that for some people it can feel as though culture is not for them. I was initially sceptical about whether there would be something for me in the programme, but my tour of Made in Hull made me realise there definitely is.”

“I’d normally be at home on a Sunday doing the cleaning, but now I’m always out and loving it.”

I’m proud to be from Hull – nobody can knock it – and I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren all about how Nanna and Grandad did so many wonderful things in 2017.

“Hull is the UK City of Culture for one year and we’ve got to embrace it. People don’t have an excuse not to get involved – they can chat to volunteers, pick up a leaflet, look online. Whatever you do, just get out there and enjoy every minute.”

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