Meet Joe Martin

Joe came to Hull as a student to read American Literature at the reputable Department of English, at University of Hull. Although initially attracted to Hull for its university, Joe soon fell in love with the city (and let’s face it who wouldn’t?). Liking our uniqueness, Joe appreciated that although we’re a big city, we haven’t lost our warm character or quirkiness – as most do.

After graduating, he decided to stay in Hull and took on a job at a well-known commercial coffee shop as a barista, serving coffees and refreshments. As a passionate person Joe became interested in his work, and enjoyed brewing coffee and maximising the customer experience. So, he began brewing at home (coffee that is…) and researching further into the world of coffee.

Joe soon realised that he had a passion for coffee and that working for a commercial company prevented him from furthering his expertise and creativity to cater for customers in the exact way he wanted.

Joe knew that there was a market in the area to cater for the coffee connoisseurs in Hull, and what better place for it than Hull’s indoor market? He invested in a rather fancy coffee machine (the one that was used at the world barista championships 2009-2011 – to be precise) and set up shop.

When Joe isn’t brewing our favourite Ethiopian blends (just one of many) or serving us Americanos, macchiatos and espressos (which are his favourite – so we’d recommend you try one as he’s in the know you know), he’s researching new brewing techniques, different flavours, and visiting local suppliers to ensure he provides the best quality service.

This round the clock attitude and being completely dedicated to his craft makes Joe an expert in his field. His hard work and dedication is leading to the development of a community of coffee connoisseurs in Hull.

Joe admits he used to drink more coffee than he does now because instead of drinking a cup of instant, he indulges in smooth, aromatic brewed blends from around the world, tasting the quality and craftsmanship that was put into the cup.

Joe not only provides great coffee at reasonable prices but also provides his customers with an experience – educating them on the various types of coffee available and enabling them to explore their tastes buds.

So for those of you that prefer a skinny soy Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, Joe can’t help! Joe only offers pure coffee with a dash of milk for those of us with more sensitive taste buds – but there aren’t any fancy pants syrups or sprinkles here.

He ensures that he regularly hosts different roasts, brewing up a variety of locally sourced beans so you receive the best quality he can offer.

So next time you visit Trinity Market and you’re sipping on your flat white, just pause and think… how much time and effort went into making you that perfect blissful cuppa.