Meet Jon Collins

If you’re a chocolate lover you’re bound to have come across Jon at some point and if you haven’t where’ve you been?!

Jon Collins, born and bred in Hull, was always destined for big things coming from a very creative family. With his Mum and Gran as his inspiration he was determined to discover his artistic talent, Jon tried his hand at a few skills including singing and writing but soon realised these weren’t quite his forte, however when Jon gave cooking a whirl he knew that’s where his talents lay.

With the mixing bowl as his pallet and chocolate as his canvas this modest master of culinary delights considers his profession as more of a vocation which allows him to express his artistic talents through his food. Jon works on all his own unique recipes and he’s always looking to create something new, experimenting with tastes and textures there’s no telling what Jon will whip up.

Jon began his training at the young age of 14 and built his career working at various notable restaurants and eateries in and around Hull. In one of these restaurants Jon’s bench faced the pastry chef’s work station and Jon became mesmerised by the intricate designs the former welder created. He learnt by watching the chef’s trained hand at work and soon became an expert himself.

Now what Jon knows about chocolate is nobody’s business. With initial aspirations of becoming a pastry chef Jon trained specialising in savoury dishes but soon realised his true passion lay with desserts, in particular chocolate! Jon booked himself on a course at the exclusive Slattery, the UK’s finest Patissier and Chocolatiers, building on his already founded skills and the rest is history. Jon set out to achieve his dreams…his chocolate coated, pistachio sprinkled, marzipan dreams!

Jon enjoys watching others indulge on his mouth-watering creations and to make sure his culinary inventions remain at the top he is always researching new ideas, new techniques and new flavours to make them more scrumptious than the last.

Jon has even taught himself basic French so he can make international calls, dealing with leading suppliers in France, ordering original continental produce and equipment over the phone to ensure his customers get the best experience Jon can offer. Très bien!

To the average onlooker Jon would appear as a creative, artistic, chocolate genius but what you might not guess is that Jon enjoys a bit of creative writing in his spare time to unwind and although Jon keeps his writings to himself it’s clear there is no end to Jon’s creativity.