Meet Tracey Henry.

Tracey is one of the founders of Streetwize, a community group for children and parents situated at Western Library on The Boulevard off Hessle Road.

Tracey’s parents met in Fife, Scotland and her father’s military career took them to Hong Kong where Tracey was born. Her military upbringing has seen her live all over the country but for Tracey Hull has always been home, in particularly Hessle Road.

Although Tracey makes no excuses it’s no secret she hasn’t always been dealt the fairest of hands in life. However, this has only made her the strong and passionate person she is today and motivated her to never give up on what she believes in.

Whilst studying part-time at the University of Hull reading Social and Community Studies Tracey met someone volunteering for the Green Cabs Project and after tagging along to an event decided to get involved herself.

Tracey supported several projects in the Hessle Road area but soon realised that what the area really needed was a youth club to occupy local children after school and Streetwize was formed. Streetwize was originally set-up at Tracey’s own home, however as interest grew in the youth club so did numbers and after several changes of venues it is now situated at Western Library.

The group welcomes families of all ages to grow their own fruit and vegetables in the community garden, Tracey then offers guidance on how what they grow can be made into a healthy nutritious meal, promoting health and wellbeing in the local community. However, that’s not all Streetwize does and Tracey is always coming up with new ideas or looking at other ways the group can get involved in community projects.

So it’s no surprise that Tracey is now a leading community champion in the area.

It’s been no easy task for Tracey setting up Streetwize with no knowledge of how to access funding or setting up a charity but with a little perseverance and a lot of hard work Tracey is self-taught all with the intention of trying to better her local community, leading the way forward for individuals who want follow suit to make a difference.

Tracey is very clear that she could not have achieved what she has on her own but in 2017 Tracey will be celebrating her 10th year as a volunteer as will Streetwize as an organisation and Tracey’s years of experience gives the community of Hessle Road a strong spokesperson in Hull.

Although this lady is one tough cookie and her no nonsense approach has helped to support countless families through times of struggle you might be surprised to discover there’s a softer side to Tracey.

Aside from getting lost in a good book, watching an episode or two of Marvel’s Agents of Shield or sitting by a campfire, Tracey enjoys line dancing at the annual Towerfest Country Music Festival. We’d never have guessed!  Yeehaw!

This passionate and caring nature lady is an inspiration to the community and a fine example of the community spirit in Hull.