Need some inspiration for this week’s Challenge Hull?

This week’s Challenge Hull has been set by the staff at HM Prison, Hull. They’re asking you to write a short, sharp, five-line poem in 15 minutes. There are no rules, no limits and there’s no set topic. In preparation for this week, the officers asked the inmates to write their own poems to inspire our Challenge Hull-ers to put pen to paper…

So, here’s our top 10, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to share on social media using #ChallengeHull.


A man in Maths

There was once a man in Maths
Who was asked to do something daft
He was asked to do a poem
By a bloke who didn’t know him
That’s why he had a little laugh.


Another chance at life

I came to Hull under a cloud
I’m from North Yorkshire and proud.
It won’t be long before I’m back
And getting on the right track for another chance at life.


Gypsy Moth

We built a plane of steel and cloth,
And after months of work and toil
Our laboured fruits were on the boil.
But to our shock the work paid off
And the plane looked like a gypsy moth.


Keeping Afloat

Rowing along in our little boat
Sticking together trying to stay afloat
Some sink under, others pull through.
Keeping support close and tight
Everybody might just be alright.



Arrived at work this morning
We all felt like fools
Told to write a poem
before we got any tools.
The men did a lot of moaning
Said it’s a waste of time,
But put pen to paper
And wrote a little rhyme.


My love for you

As each day goes
My love for you grows.
Your eyes your clothes
Are all memories to hold.
This may sound bold
But my love for you, is worth its weight in gold.


Thinking on a night

I sit and think on a night
Do I say something or is that not right?
But the thoughts I have are very true
Maybe one day I might have you.


To be free

The story I would like to tell
I would like to be out of this living hell
To walk in the fresh air and be free
Through fields and down by the sea
Instead of being locked in a cell.


Turbine blade

Sleek, modern, contrasting, turbine blade
What would old Victoria think?
Nostalgic, historic to the future made
Forming the city’s cultural link
This is Hull.


You are my world

You are the one, I knew you would be,
You are my world, you’re everything to me.
I could not imagine a life without you,
I would be lost, wouldn’t know what to do.
For you are the one, my one and only you.