A New Chapter: Writers in Hull

Hull has always been a city that has seemed to have a way with words, with one of its most famous adopted sons, Philip Larkin, putting the city on the map as a Hub for poetry and creative writing, and still today he has a riptide of influence on modern day writers both locally and nationally.

The art of storytelling and creative writing remains a key element of our cultural DNA, and local creatives are now stepping into the limelight, showcasing brilliant and forward-thinking literature born right here in Hull.

Tales of love, tears and laughter, as well as moving thoughtful poetry, we’ve picked out some our favourite local reads for you to add to your bookshelf:


Shane Rhodes – The City Speaks

Wrecking Ball Press // 2017

Described as a love poem to the city, Shane Rhodes The City Speaks opened our year of cultural celebrations back in January during our Made In Hull season, and is now forever cemented in Hull’s history, engraved around the fountains in Queen Victoria Square.

The book is a wonderful reflection on Hull’s history and people, reflecting a pride in roots and heritage that has a resonance with local residents.

Grab yourself a copy from Hull libraries, museums, the Hull city hall box office, as well as Wrecking Ball Press for £25.


Nick Quantrill – The Dead Can’t Talk

Caffeine Nights Publishing // 2016

A gritty and thrilling tale written by Hull’s answer to Ian Rankin, Nick Quantrill.

Set in Hull, The Dead Can’t Talk tells the story of Anna Stone, a police officer attempting to uncover the underlying truth behind her sister’s disappearance.

She is contacted by an ex-army drifter, who she sent to prison in the past, who claims to have vital information to help her, but can Anna Stone really trust this man, who has his own reasons for helping?

The Dead Can’t Talk is available now from WH Smith and Book Depository.


Dean Wilson – Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe on The Streets

Wrecking Ball Press // 2016

Self-described as Hull’s fourth best poet, Dean Wilson First full-length collection of poetry, and is both hilarious and though provoking at the same time.

Affecting one in 10 people from Hull, Dean suffers from a condition what is known as “poetry tourette’s”. Sometimes he does gets sad, but he doesn’t mind too much as he’ll probably get a poem out of it. His amusing debut is available now from wrecking ball press and Amazon.

Tickets are also out now for Dean’s spoken word performance alongside Joelle Taylor at Kardomah94 as part of Contains Strong Language.


Val Wood – No Place For A Women

Corgi // 2017

The award-winning author of periodic romantic novels set in and around Hull released her latest novel, No Place For A Women back in January of this year.

The story follows Lucy, who is brought up by her uncle after her parents die in a car crash. She studies to become a doctor in London, far away from her home in Hull, and must battle to be accepted in a man’s world. Will she be able to follow her dreams and find love, in a world shattered by the first world war?

No Place for a Women now is out now at Waterstones, WH Smiths and Hive.


Lee Harrison – The Bastard Wonderland

Wrecking Ball Press // 2016

A steampunk fantasy that leaps over genres, The Bastard Wonderland is the debut novel from Local author Lee Harrison.

Centered around a deeply touching relationship between a father and his son, they embark on journey of war, peace, love, religion, magnificent flying machines and mushy peas in a land not too far away.

Guaranteed to make you to laugh and cry, The Bastard Wonderland is available now from Amazon, Inpress and Waterstones.