Oh, the places they’ll go!

Schools in Hull are putting the arts at the heart of their curriculum ahead of 2017. That’s what our learning programme is all about, and that’s exactly what two primary schools in Hull have been doing in recent weeks.

As part of a project with theatre company Pilot Theatre and not for profit creative education organisation CapeUK, Oldfleet Primary School and Griffin Primary School have been using the arts as a way to understand their city and think about those important next steps in their lives.

Kelly Garner is the Assistant Head at Oldfleet Primary School, who explained a bit more about the project:

‘Many of our children have limited knowledge of the wider world and the opportunities available to them. We therefore wanted to make them more aware of the choices available and inform them of how they could achieve their goals.’

But how do you explore ideas as big as these, with a classroom of primary school pupils? Pilot Theatre chose to use the much-loved Dr Seuss poem Oh, the places you’ll go! to help the children think about the future in a way that’s accessible and fun, but might just move you to tears. The poem is written for children but has been enjoyed by generations of adults too, and encourages us to think about life’s journey; its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. Inspired by the poem, the children worked with Pilot Theatre to create their own animated films that share Dr Seuss’s optimistic message.

The films make use of green screen technology and feature the pupils in starring roles throughout. The result is moving, hilarious and completely adorable. The pupils at Oldfleet Primary School and Griffin Primary School have even been kind enough to let us see their finished video, so I’m very happy to share their work with you here.

The arts are helping school pupils across Hull to understand more about their city, explore new ideas and have a load of fun whilst doing it. There’s plenty more to come in 2017 too – so watch this space.