Opinion: Hull is in the midst of a golden era

Everywhere you look in Hull today, there is investment. The positivity that resounds throughout Hull is tangible, and our UK City of Culture status has added to this in ways we could never have predicted. The success of this year has truly put us back on the map.

J.R. Rix & Sons Ltd. is a Hull business flourishing in tandem with our home city. Our fifth-generation family firm has seen Hull through times both good and bad, and today, more than 140 years after being founded, the Rix Group is proud to be playing its part in transforming the region’s economic fortunes.

But for us, and many other firms that employ people across the city, our success is as much about what we give to Hull as what the city gives to us; we continue to move forward in partnership.

Hull has been very good to our firm over the years, and we’ve had a lot of support from the people of the region. We like to think we have done our bit too, providing the employment, products and services that people need, thereby helping our city’s economy to grow.

Although we began as ship owners way back in the 1870s, over the last 140 years we have diversified enormously.  From holiday home manufacturing to windfarm support vessels, car retailing to fuel distribution, our firm now brings money and commodities into Hull and the Humber region in a variety of ways.

From our experience in 2017, we know that when bold cultural institutions work hand in hand with the commercial sector there are opportunities for everyone. Hull is a great place to live, work and visit today, and we all play a vital part in keeping this city running.

Hull 2017 is a springboard for our city and the future looks brighter than ever. Hull is truly in the midst of a golden era.