Place des Anges a soaring success for Hull

From the moment the first angel appeared on the rooftops, to the spellbinding build-up and unforgettable feather finale, the crowds were wowed by the show, which was staged by French performance company Gratte Ciel. The free ticketed event was presented by Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and Yorkshire Festival in association with Amy Johnson Festival.

Against the backdrop of the night sky and the city’s architecture, the show culminated with thousands of white feathers – around two tonnes – being dropped onto the crowds below, transforming Queens Gardens into a feathery playground.

Martin Green, CEO and director of Hull 2017, said: “We are thrilled with how Place des Anges went and the public response to it. It was a joyous experience, which we hope will live in people’s memories for years to come. It was wonderful to see people of all ages throwing feathery snowballs and even rolling around on the soft white blanket that covered the ground, surrounded by some of Hull’s architectural heritage.

“As we look forward to Hull being UK City of Culture in 2017, we shouldn’t forget it’s only one of the many great events taking place this summer that show what a terrific place this is for culture. There is incredible enthusiasm across the city and beyond, amongst our partners and supporters, the cultural organisations, our volunteers and of course the public. It is from this wellspring energy, ideas and creativity that Hull will produce an extraordinary 365 days of great cultural activity next year.”

Matt Burman, artistic director of the Yorkshire Festival, said: “Place Des Anges was a stunning and fitting finale for this year’s Yorkshire Festival. It encapsulated everything the festival is about – collaboration, spectacle and bringing the best creative talents from around the globe here to Yorkshire. I don’t think anyone who experienced it will be able to walk past this area of the city again without thinking of this night.”

Place des Anges was made possible through the support of Spirit of 2012, which invests in events as catalysts for change for people and communities across the UK.