Pride in Hull: Get involved in an LGBT+ exhibition

The LGBT+ community in Hull are being invited to contribute towards a brand new exhibition curated by Pride in Hull to celebrate the heroes of the community, freedoms gained and struggles faced in the fight for LGBT+ equality.

The exhibition, A Moment in Time, will celebrate Pride’s theme for 2017 – Through The Decades – looking at life before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967 and highlighting what has changed in the 50 years since. It comes at a very special time as Hull hosts the first ever UK Pride and will be displayed throughout the event before touring a series of Hull venues the following week.

Emma Wilkinson, founding trustee and curator for Pride in Hull, said: “We’re asking people of all ages to send us photographs to tell the story of LGBT+ life in Hull. That could be a photograph of you and your partner before the decriminalisation of homosexuality 50 years ago, you fighting for equality in a Pride parade, a special moment on a big night out or a picture of you and your friends attending your prom.”

The exhibition hopes to portray how life has changed for the LGBT+ community in Hull, from the difficult times that have troubled the community to victories shared by local people in their fight to be treated as equals. This is a chance for LGBT+ people in Hull to tell their story and everybody is invited to participate.

This exhibition isn’t just about showcasing great photography, it’s about sharing honest snapshots of LGBT life in the city – moments that have made us laugh and moments that have made us cry – those moments that have made us who we are.

Emma Wilkinson, Pride in Hull

Taking place during Hull 2017’s Freedom season, the exhibition is part of a week-long programme of LGBT 50 celebrations happening in Hull from 22 to 29 July. Packed with parades, live music performances including a performance by Soft Cell’s Marc Almond, dance, film screenings and more, LGBT 50 will bring people from all sections of the community together, embracing diversity and equality.

Emma continued: “We want people to throw all of their preconceived ideas about who Pride is for out of the window. We are planning a full programme of events all feeding into our theme of ‘Through the Decades’ that will offer something for everyone, regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.”

Interested in having your photographs exhibited? Send them to by 31 May with a summary of what the image shows and who it should be credited to (if you wish to remain anonymous, please state this).

You can also visit our LGBT 50 page to find out more.