Remixing the City of Culture

Last year, thousands of cultural events took place at venues across Hull and East Yorkshire. Throughout our 365-day programme, Hull 2017’s Monitoring & Evaluation team collected information from audiences, participants, artists, project team members, local businesses and those working in the cultural sector in Hull. All in all, this adds up to a huge amount of data informing our official evaluation of the year which will be released at the Cultural Transformations conference on 15 and 16 Mar.

We know that there are many more stories that we’re yet to explore from these data sets and from people’s own experiences of the year. That got us thinking about how we might uncover more of those stories and share them far and wide. Enter stage right — Remixing the City of Culture.

This remix or hackathon style event will take place on 13 and 14 Mar at the University of Hull. We’ll be bringing together university staff and students, Hull 2017 volunteers, representatives from funding and creative partners and other interested individuals to delve into the data and examine artefacts from the year to find those stories that we haven’t yet been able to tell. We’re hoping individuals will bring their personal experiences of being part of the year and maybe any images or objects that they collected along the way.

On the first day, participants will be introduced to the various data sets and materials available, asked to ponder what interests them most and form teams to get cracking on an investigation and creative project of their choosing.

On the second day, they’ll need to think about how to present what they’ve found. We’re asking each team to display something that tell the story from their remix project in an exhibition. This might be in the form of a poster, a presentation or even a 3D object. Alongside exhibits from the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 archive, the exhibition will be open to attendees at the Cultural Transformations conference.

But we don’t want to stop there – we want to keep sharing these stories with more people. That’s why we’ll be asking participants to use social media during the event, to talk about their findings and projects as they develop.

You can follow their discoveries and join the debate on Twitter using #2017HullRemix