Richard Ansett – the artist behind Are You My Mum?

Walking round the streets of Hull you may have noticed posters posing the question, Are You My Mum? Similar to ‘missing cat’ posters, they are taped to lampposts, bus stops and buildings.

We met with Richard Ansett, the artist behind the project, to find out more about the story behind it and why it’s so close to his heart.

Richard’s main aim with Are You My Mum? is to raise the awareness of adoption and what it’s like to be adopted. He hopes that by raising awareness, new parents will be better informed about what it’s like for a child growing up with a sense of not knowing where they come from, even if they grow up in loving environments.

It’s not about me trying to find my actual mother, it’s much more about discussing what it’s like to not know and how we respond to not knowing. I obviously responded in a slightly unusual way.

– Richard Ansett

Look out for Richard’s activities in Hull during National Adoption Week, 16-22 October, supported by First 4 Adoption.