British artist Tania Kovats produces sculptures and large-scale installation artworks that explore her fascination with landscapes and water.

Bleached draws attention to the current state of our oceans. It is thought that 93% of the Great Barrier Reef is affected by coral bleaching, from the rapid rising and falling of sea temperatures. Coral reefs are extremely vulnerable to these conditions and can turn white under severe stress. The corals do not die from the bleaching process, but they are left in a fragile state. Given the correct conditions, coral can return to its former state.

Five vitrines line the windows of the ground floor space of Block C at the C4DI building; the artworks contained within have been created from artificial coral models, previously exhibited in The Deep’s Lagoon.

The artificial coral that was once vivid in colour, has been painted a ghostly shade of white to represent the concerns of coral bleaching. This results in interesting sculptural forms that highlight a devastating environmental issue.

Kovats credits The Deep as a major source of inspiration behind the artwork.

The installation is accompanied by new drawings and three sculptures, all linked to themes of the ocean.

Bleached has been created as part of the Look Up programme of public art. The exhibition runs until Sunday 17 September, 10am-6pm. Entry is free.