As dusk falls over East Park each night from 3 until 5 May 2019, and again in Birkenhead Park in Wirral from 17 until 19 May 2019, visitors will step into The Witching Hour, Absolutely Cultured’s spring production in partnership with Wirral Borough of Culture 2019.

The Witching Hour will inspire imagination and celebrate local tales, memories and folklore, exploring stories of local wise women, magical mythical characters and childhood memories from these two places on opposite sides of the country. The Witching Hour will immerse audiences in a unique and shared experience, weaving a story between the two locations.

Building on Hull 2017’s immensely successful Land of Green Ginger project, this large-scale, outdoor, immersive performance by renowned theatre company Periplum has invited residents from each location to share their stories, memories and urban myths.  Although the main story of The Witching Hour remains the same in both locations, the performances will resonate directly with the two communities through the inclusion of local tales that will be woven into the narrative.

As audiences enter they will be spellbound by spinning tales of alchemy and legend from the two parks. Featuring live performance, a specially commissioned soundtrack, pyrotechnics and promenading action taking place in and around the audience, The Witching Hour explores local legend and folklore from East Park in Hull and Birkenhead Park in Wirral.

The Witching Hour is free and no booking is required. Performances will begin at 9.30pm and last approximately one hour.

Click here for further information about The Witching Hour.