Work begins on next major art installation for Hull 2017

If you’re wandering around Hull’s Old Town this week, you might just catch a glimpse of Hull 2017’s next major art installation. Where Do We Go From Here? by Jason Bruges Studio is currently being installed in at Beverley Gate, Trinity Square and the Museum Quarter in advance of the artwork’s grand opening on Fri 1 Dec.

Celebrated worldwide for his manipulation of light, which is as sculptural as it is dazzling, Jason Bruges is a pioneer of large-scale installations that seamlessly blend the worlds of art, architecture and technology. Jason’s work in Hull will use light, robotics and sound to create a unique, immersive experience set to wow audiences across the region and beyond.

Where Do We Go From Here? will feature more than 20 repurposed robotic arms, each fitted with light sources, mirrors, prisms and directional speakers in choreographed interplay. Placed on specially created 3-metre plinths, the robots will throw and reflect light, illuminating familiar, unseen and unexpected corners of Hull’s streets at night.

It is the latest major art installation to be commissioned as part of Hull 2017 and will take the city memorably into 2018.

Niccy Hallifax, executive producer at Hull 2017, said: “This is an artwork about light and movement, reflecting how Hull continues to move forward into 2018 and beyond. Jason Bruges is known around the world for his mastery of light and Where Do We Go from Here? will be a visually stunning piece of art unlike anything ever seen in a public space.”

Where Do We Go From Here? by Jason Bruges Studio runs from Fri 1 Dec to Sun 7 Jan 2018.