WORM’S Avantgarde State heads to Hull

Rotterdam’s WORM is a cultural centre like no other.

Describing themselves as ‘the blue-blooded hyperactive child of an impossible love between avantgarde recreation, DIY and sustainability’, this Dutch venue stages concerts, film screenings, lectures, music, research libraries and general anarchy at their home in Rotterdam.

And this month, they’re descending on Hull.

WORM Festival will head to Humber Street Gallery from 23-25 June for a high-octane takeover. Bringing 25 artists with them for this weekend residency, there’s a packed programme of things to see, do and experience.

The aim? To establish WORM’s ‘Avantgarde State’ here in Hull. This “physical and mental state of love, progress and boundlessness”, say WORM, is “the answer to egocentric extremism”. Intrigued? Learn all about WORM and their Avantgardistic State at

David Sinclair, Curator at Humber Street Gallery, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming the WORM team to the gallery. I know that their unique brand of interactive and immersive artistic experiences and experiments will be a highlight of our summer programme. I’m confident that those who attend will leave having experienced something unique that they wouldn’t expect to experience in an art gallery, which is the very essence of Hull 2017.

During their Hull residency, WORM’s artists, filmmakers, musicians, DJs and performers will host a series of events and happenings, showcasing the talent currently driving the progressive underground culture of Hull’s sister city. There’ll even be a historical research library with a WORM-y twist, designed to celebrate Rotterdam’s cutting edge arts scene.

Artists from Hull will join forces with WORM’s creatives throughout the weekend, including at the WORM Performance Bar. The bar is a transformable 360-degree stage/bar that blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience. The bar presents all kind of acts that span across the categories of art and entertainment. A seemingly normal evening suddenly becomes an adventure when performers appear in the bar space and present everything from the low-brow to the profound.

Another guaranteed highlight, WORM IN THE BOXING RING, will see boxers from East Hull Amateur Boxing Club and Vulcan Boxing Club & Learning Centre team up with poets to create a live installation and show, every day during the weekend.

Richard Foster, PR and Media Manager for WORM, said: “Together with artists, boxers, performers, collectors, ex-whalers and other avantgarde types recruited from the Hull populace, WORM will create performances, artworks, parties, and other amazing, on-the-spot, events. We will also be joined by young Rotterdammers such as Jacco Weener, Niek Hilkmann and the all-star Rotterdam band Lewsberg are part of the crew too.”

Richard Foster continued: “In the future we want to expand our partnerships with Rotterdam artists and like-minded souls and bring them into contact with our international partners. By doing this, WORM contributes in its own way to Rotterdam’s goals of ​​talent development, innovation and education.”

WORM Festival runs from 23-25 June at Humber Street Gallery. Events begin at midday and are all free to attend. Find out more at