Introducing Absolutely Cultured

Absolutely Cultured is the new name for the company which delivered Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture 2017, the 365-day nationally significant event that achieved international recognition.

With a new name, new brand and a refreshed company purpose, Absolutely Cultured is an arts organisation rooted in Hull.

Building on the success of Hull 2017, the renamed company has a mission to create ambitious, surprising and challenging artistic works that bring people and communities together.

As commissioners of world-class cultural programming aimed at residents and visitors, Absolutely Cultured will work strategically with partners both inside the city and across the North, UK and internationally to cement Hull’s reputation as a centre for culture and creativity.

Absolutely Cultured is delighted to continue to run and programme Humber Street Gallery, now a firm fixture in the ever-evolving Fruit Market area.

The award-winning City of Culture Volunteer Programme will also continue as part of the Absolutely Cultured story.

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