Place des Anges: Frequently Asked Questions

When does the show Place des Anges take place?

The show takes place on Saturday 2 July 2016.

What is the Place des Anges show?

Place Des Anges is French for “Place of Angels” and is performed by a French theatre company called Gratte Ciel which translates as “Skyscraper”. It is an aerial show which means that most of the activity takes place above your head. We don’t want to give too much away in advance but the show involves angels, music and feathers! It is a short, playful, visual spectacle that aims to enchant audiences of all ages.

Where is the show taking place?

The show is taking place at Queens Gardens in the centre of city of Hull, Yorkshire HU1 3DG. The main viewing area for the show will require a (free) ticket to access.

What time does the show begin and end?

The show begins at 9:45pm and will end at approximately 10:40pm.  The venue (covered in feathers) remains open until about 11pm when the site will begin to be cleared.

What time can I get access to the site?

The gates will open at 9:15pm and we advise you to arrive in plenty of time to get through the ticket check.

Where’s the best place to see the show?

The best place to see the show will be inside the designated (ticketed) audience viewing area at the east end of Queens Gardens. To gain the best viewing experience, please secure your free ticket in advance.


Why do I need tickets if it’s free to attend?

We anticipate this will be a popular show and to control numbers in the main viewing area we need to ensure audiences do not exceed safe limits agreed with the relevant authorities.

By issuing tickets we can control numbers better, ensure the best experience of the show and the safety of the audience. The ticket price is free to ensure the show is accessible to all.

When are tickets available and where do I get them from?

Tickets are bookable online from 10am on 6 Jun 2016 on a first-come first-served basis. Please print your electronic tickets or show them on your mobile device to our gate staff to gain entry to this event. Please note that tickets will be scanned. If you are printing tickets, please ensure a good quality print for our scanners to read them effectively. This will avoid delays accessing the event.  If your mobile device screen is broken, we recommend that you print your tickets.

Can I have tickets posted to me or held for me on the gate?

There are currently no facilities to collect your tickets on the gate or to have tickets posted out to you in advance.

Is there allocated seating?

General seating is not available and during the show the audience moves wherever they wish within the designated area. Please do not bring your own chairs as they will not be permitted.

We will have a very limited number of seats available for those who have difficulty standing for long periods.  Please get in touch with us (the organisers of the event) on in advance of the show day if you require this support. This will enable us to allocate a seat for you and stewards will be available to assist you to and from the seating area if you require it.


Is the show suitable for children?

This is an all ages event, however all children under the age of 16 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All guests over 2-years old will require a ticket.

Please bear in mind that there is likely to be thousands of people and there will be a blanket of feathers on the ground at the end of the show. Please take care as you leave the event and ask stewards for assistance if you need it.


Animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are not permitted in the venue. Facilities are provided for disabled and people with mobility issues. If you have any special access needs, please contact us on


We’ve prepared a handy guide explaining how you get to Hull by car, train, air or sea.


We’ve prepared a handy guide explaining transport and parking options for this event.


There are numerous places to stay overnight in Hull City Centre and the surrounding area. For more details, please visit


Is food or drink available – or may I bring it with me?

There is no food or drink available at the show. However, there are dozens of places near Queens Gardens to purchase refreshments – and we recommend trying a local restaurant, food outlet or pub prior to the show. Take a look at our Food & Drink guide for some ideas.

Alcohol is not permitted at the event and may be confiscated. Security personnel may search those entering the event.

What else is there to do in Hull before the show – or the day after?

There are dozens of things to do in and around Hull! You can find out the very latest event listings on our website.


Are there toilets nearby?

Yes, temporary toilets, including those accessible for the disabled, are available to use at the event.

Is Audio Description available and/or a Hearing Loop in place ?

Yes, both Audio Description and a Hearing Loop are available for the Place Des Anges performance. To register for use of Audio Description please email and you will be sent further information. If you have any problems on the day, please ask a steward.

What other considerations have been given to those with disabilities?

The site is suitable for wheelchairs and the audience viewing area is on the street with the usual furniture and kerbs in place. There is a designated viewing area for wheelchair users.  Stewards will be able to direct you to this area.

Please bear in mind that there may be thousands of people and there will be a thick blanket of feathers on the ground at the end of the show that may cover street furniture, kerbs, etc. Please take care and ask stewards for assistance if you need it.

There are disabled toilets available. Please note that there are no changing places for people with profound or multiple disabilities.

If you have difficulty standing, please get in touch with us (the organisers of the event) well in advance of the show day. This will enable us to allocate a seat for you and stewards will be available to assist you to and from the seating area if you require it. Please do not bring your own chairs as they will not be permitted.

We expect the main area outside Hull College to be fairly crowded. If you would like to be in an area that is less busy during the performance, please head to the Queen’s Gardens fountains when inside the site. On arrival, please let a steward know if you would like to be directed to this area of the site.

If you feel that you would benefit from a familiarisation visit to the site before the show this can be arranged subject to availability. Please contact to discuss.

Additional facilities to enhance the experience of those with disabilities may be added.

Can you provide publicity or information in alternative formats or languages?

We can provide information in alternative formats if you contact us via email at

For this particular show, we are unable to provide advance information in other languages. Please note that this show is not narrated and there are no words – so it can be enjoyed by everyone whatever language they use.


In the show, are the feathers hypoallergenic?

The feathers used in the show are washed, sterilized and dusted. The feathers have undergone antibacterial treatment to prevent allergens.

Where do the feathers used in the show come from?

The feathers used in the show come from farms that meet European regulations regarding animal welfare. The animals from these farms are free from contagious diseases. The feathers do not come from animals plucked alive.

How will the feathers be cleared, after the show?

Hull City Council’s StreetCare team will be responsible for ensuring that the site is left clean and tidy after the event. Many people will take feathers home with them and some feathers will gradually find their way across the city leaving their mark as a memory of this magical spectacle.


Will the show be cancelled in bad weather?

The show is unlikely to be cancelled in bad weather, such as rain or light winds. If it does rain, please wear waterproofs.

In the event of severe weather, such as storms and high winds, please refer to the website (, check your email and our official social media channels for the latest news on the day and before you travel.


I’ve lost something whilst at the event, what do I do?

If you lost something whilst you were attending the Place Des Anges performance, please get in touch with us via email at with a description of the item then we’ll see if it was found and will let you know as soon as we can.

What do I do if I lose someone in the crowds?

If you lose someone, please make an event steward aware of the situation and they will implement an official lost child/parent procedure. Event stewards will be clearly identifiable in a uniform.


Who are the organisers of the show?

The show is organised by Hull UK City of Culture 2017 (Hull 2017) team working in partnership with Yorkshire Festival. The show is performed by Gratte Ciel, a French company that has travelled the world with Place Des Anges and they were booked by Hull 2017.

If you wish to give feedback on the show, please email us at or share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

How do I get involved in future events like this?

Whether you are a member of the public wishing to attend future events or you would like to participate in future events as a volunteer or performer, please visit for further details.