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John Ellerman Foundation is an independent, endowed grantmaker. Our aim is to advance the wellbeing of people, society and the natural world by making grants of around £5m a year in three categories – Arts, Environment and Welfare.  We are looking for work with a national footprint, and core funding is our signature.

We believe that art has the potential to enrich and transform lives. This is why we help make the highest quality art available to all by supporting those organisations that represent excellence in this field at a national level.

We felt the initiative captured the spirit and enthusiasm of Hull, and gave a good sense of the difference such a cultural project could make to the city.

The Year of Theatre came through as an important strand of the whole; our three year grant enables us to contribute to a substantial programme while supporting a regional theatre company, thereby rebalancing some funding beyond London.

As the birthplace of the first John Ellerman, Trustees were also happy to be able to support something which marks this connection, while meeting the quality standards expected from all our grants.

The commitment of so many different partners, from the private, public, education and voluntary sectors, was also thought to be very positive.

We are delighted to be part of the Hull 2107 project. The whole enterprise has a strong partnership feel, within the city – connecting different art forms, people and institutions across Hull – and beyond. The combination of homegrown talent and drawing people from the region, UK and elsewhere is a good basis for an inspirational programme. This partnership approach aligns well with our own aim of advancing well-being. We are keenly aware of the connections between our interest in the arts, environment and welfare and their effects on each other and on people’s health and happiness. Hull 2017 has a similar perspective and we applaud its creative links with health, education and the environment. Such relationships are positive in themselves and provide a strong platform for a meaningful legacy. – Nicola Pollock, Director

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