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Tell The World

This exhibition is a culmination of all previous Hidden Voices events – but what shall we ‘tell the world’?

The previous exhibitions, and associated collaborative work, discussed the issues of being homeless and rootless; these discussions were centred or placed within the boundaries of Hull and its connected areas, yet the issues themselves are universal and exist upon the world stage.

As discussions or conversations the work has been a binary process, and far from being didactic the work has initiated thoughtful responses and interactions from those who have engaged with it.

This exhibition will continue this process of delivery; we may ‘tell stories’ but the listening and viewing are the important factors that in some way complete the work.

The work on display will again cover the aforementioned issues and as before will include all forms of media in the location of St. Mary’s the Virgin down Lowgate in Hull; and as this exhibition falls in the liturgical period of advent, Tell The World will in part embrace this time and relate other ‘comings’ on the global landscape.

11 – 15 Dec, 11am-3pm, 16 Dec, 11am-5pm.

Past events

Made in Hull: Made from Hull 

The first exhibition from Hidden Voices is an initiative that has arisen from the links that St Mary’s Church has with more than 60 homeless people in Hull. It is a recognition of their unique perspective and a creative core that has few avenues of expression.

Weekly sessions, hosted by two local artists, Louis Dorton (of Ground) and artist-in-residence, Marcel Craven, who has personal experience of homelessness, have been unlocking hidden voices and creative talents. The work will evolve throughout 2017, and will be displayed in four exhibitions.

The first, Made in Hull: Made from Hull  will begin a journey of documenting and exploring the terminology of Rootlessness and Homelessness, exploring the problems of engagement and interaction from both sides - how those who exist within the “apparent normal” frameworks of society engage with those who are “outsiders”, and vice versa.

Using the site of St Mary’s Church, Lowgate, as a base, works will be shown that highlight the workshop group’s activities and also examine the bigger picture, the realities of homelessness.

The works will be considerate of all involved and the work will grow and change as the project goes on.

The first exhibition will include the beginnings of this endeavour.

The Begging Door – part of the architecture of St Mary’s will be used as the basis for an installation work and a soundscape that encourages people to consider the terminology of “begging”. This work encourages participation through viewing and through game playing.


This second exhibition will feature works that share live journeys, the roots of individuals and their routes that led them onto the streets.

The Freedom of the Streets

In this event, the third in the Hidden Voices calendar, the word and the concept of ‘freedom’ will be discussed and explored.

What is freedom? Does it really exist? If so, who for?

Is freedom, and the search for it, perhaps the root cause of the growing malaise of the ‘Human Condition’; could this search for freedom be the main or a contributory factor to the troubles of the world?

‘One persons freedom is another person’s…?’

Moreover does the concept of freedom alienate, exclude and heighten physical, emotional and spiritual/metaphysical states of the human consciousness-leaving many in positions of ‘homelessness and rootlessness’ in the varied and myriad of ways that the ‘Hidden Voices’ events highlight and discuss?

All these areas of exploration will be examined and discussed in the forthcoming event; the work will again be across varying media. St. Mary’s the Virgin Church on Lowgate in Hull will, as before, be the locus for the work; and again the architecture of the location will lend itself and its role in the featured work-the ‘begging door’ and the ‘nativity chapel’ being two examples of site specifics.




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