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Perception Gap

8 May 2019



Conceptualised and Performed by Patrice Naiambana.

A Solo Digital Performance exploring the psychological pressures facing an African immigrant-outsider.

Skewered between the expectations from back home and the challenges of conformity in his new country, our traveller is confronted with avoidable questions: ‘Who am I? What Do I stand for?’ There is a peril in the un-becoming of being a from ‘here and there’ person. Will he survive by putting flesh on silences?

Part of ‘The gospel of Othello’ programme (Hull, May-October 2019), run by Tribal Soul Arts and supported by the Ferens Education Trust.

Patrice Naiambana is an African Performing Artist from Sierra Leone, based in the Midlands. He has recently performed in the hit shows Barbershop Chronicles (National, International Tour) New Nigerians and The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives (Arcola Theatre). He has played Othello, Aslan and the Earl of Warwick for The Royal Shakespeare Company and won a Fringe First Award for his solo piece The Man Who Committed Thought. Favourite voice-over characters include The Lion in Tinga Tinga Tales and Luke in Nina and The Neurons. He specialises in facilitating informal ensembles creating work for social transformation all over the globe.